She graduated from The Strzeminski Academy of Fine Art in Lodz and, from kimono design faculty in the Onoe Fashion Institute in Japan (as the only European student). She is the author of 12 authorial collections, which she presented during almost 100 fashion shows in Poland, Germany, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. She also designed numerous collections for fashion firms. Not only did her unusual, East and West-
influenced collections amaze Polish celebs, stage stars and media, but also they attracted Warner Bros. (the studio ordered several projects as the attire for its movie premieres). Her works were depicted in the album of a Polish photographer Sebastian Skalski “100 exceptional women of XXI century”. Her name can be found amongst the most important Polish designers in the „Modą Zaklęci” album („Under a Fashion Spell”), published in 2008. Reuters, the world’s biggest news agency, aired worldwide a programme, in which she described her work and studies in Japan.

Although Monica perceives herself mainly as a fashion and costume designer, her journalistic education turned out to be very useful – it was an incentive to broaden her
knowledge on fashion and trends and to be up to date with the latest news. For many years, as the head of fashion in Promedia publishing house, she regularly visited world’s most important fashion and interior design fairs. She has written several hundred articles, also for
other publishers, including Newsweek.

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Her career begun (with success) in fashion industry. From the very beginning though she engaged with theatre projects designing costumes for the most famous Polish scenes. In the National Opera she gained experience working with acknowledged costume designers, i.a.
Academy Award winner Gianni Quaranta, Agostino Cavalca, Tatyana van Walsum, Thomas Mika or Marie Jeanne Lecca. A long-term cooperation with a cult theatre group OPT Gardzienice resulted in numerous costume productions that could be admired worldwide.
She kicked off her movie adventure with working with the best professionals on creating costumes for the movie of a well-known Polish director Jan Jakub Kolski. She also cooperated with a music video director Łukasz Pytlik as a costume designer in many international productions, including Canadian artists - Miss Tara, Stranger X Stranger, Gramercy; and American artists- The Fell, Bobby Puma, Michael Guinn and others.

As an experienced designer, she shares her knowledge with others. She teaches in the field of trends, sits in the jury of the most prestigious fashion competitions. She is a lecturer in Viamoda Industrial University, gives lectures and leads „OnOff” workshops for design faculties in several universities in Poznan. At times she also gives lectures in the International School of Fashion Design in Crakow and the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design of Lodz Technical University. Her lectures focus mostly on trends and their implementation. Among entities that benefited from her knowledge there are international corporations like VF or LG, Polish institutions like Krajowa Izba Mody (Domestic Fashion Chamber), Poznan International Fair, Lodz Ethnographic Museum, but also many Polish fashion companies.